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High 90's - H90 - Double Cupcake - 1g Live Badder
H90 - Double Cupcake - 1g Live Badder
THC: 81.04%
Our Live Badder is a flavorful, concentrate that is produced with fresh frozen cannabis and extracted through hydrocarbon washing. Our rigorous quality controls ensure that only the best fresh frozen cannabis is used.. The extract is whipped and folded to create a soft and creamy texture, resulting in a more homogenized consistency that is loaded with flavor and aroma. Thanks to this whipping process, Live Badder is a smooth and delicious concentrate that captures the natural expression of the plant. Indica Lineage: True OG x Birthday Cake Top Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene, Flavor & Aroma: Vanilla, Pine Effects: Sleepy, Relaxed Double Cupcake is a cross of True OG and Birthday Cake. This indica strain boasts a sweet vanilla smell with skunky and earthy notes. Double Cupcake’s appearance is characterized by its lime green and dark purple buds covered in amber hairs. With its enduring relaxing effects and focused head high, this is the perfect strain to end your day.
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