We're grateful to our repeat customers; here's how we reward them.

Effective 11/13/2023

Point System Structure:

Earning Points:

Customers earn 1 point for every dollar spent on our service.

Points are earned only on the purchase amount before taxes and after discounts.

Bonus Points:

First-time customers receive a bonus of 50 points upon their first purchase.

Redemption Threshold:

Points can be redeemed once a customer reaches 100 points.

Tiered Rewards:

100 points = $5 off
200 points = $12 off
500 points = $30 off
1000 points = $70 off


Points must be redeemed within a year of being earned.

Referral Bonus:

If a current customer refers a friend, and the friend makes a purchase, both the referrer and the referee receive a bonus of 100 points.

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