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Elyon Cannabis - Elyon - Cookies N Cream - Eighth
Elyon - Cookies N Cream - Eighth
THC: 27.52%
(Cookies N Cream x Secret Weapon) Aromas: Cookies, Chocolate, Diesel This cultivar is known for its chocolate cookie dough aroma on every inhale with a smudge of spicy diesel on the exhale. Instantaneously you will feel this cultivar smack you in the face as it ease's your mind and all your problems have dissolved into thin air. Don't let the mind games fool you this cultivar slowly starts to make your body feel weightless providing a light body high. All of a sudden you will feel the urge to eat everything in the fridge as it eases you into a slow slumber that doesn't feel to heavy or too light but just right. Cookies n Cream is your perfect indica leaning cultivar if you're looking for something that's going to relax you and put you to sleep but not feel like a zombie in the process of getting there.
1/8 oz
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