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Cream of the Crop Gardens - Cream Of The Crop - Mendo Thai - Eighth
Cream Of The Crop - Mendo Thai - Eighth
THC: 29.76%
Smoking Mendo Thai is like taking a tropical vacation! Mendo Thai is an indica leaning strain with a cross between Mendo Breath and Pineapple Thai. This strain is quite the looker with its light green and purple hues, long orange colas and frosty trichomes. Thanks to its top three terpenes of caryophyllene, nerolidol, and myrcene, Mendo Thai has pain relief, stress relief and anti-anxiety properties. Mendo Thai has an earthy, peppery, tropical flavor and aroma profile that’ll make your mouth water. This strain is best enjoyed while sunbathing on a tropical island. ;)
1/8 oz
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