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Cream of the Crop Gardens - COTC - Resting Kushface - 1g Wet Badder
COTC - Resting Kushface - 1g Wet Badder
THC: 67.36%
Have you ever been told that you look high 24/7? Then you may have Resting Kushface. ;) Resting Kushface is an indica dominant strain derived from Kush Mints crossed with Face Off OG. The minty flavor from Kush Mints really comes through, along with that infamous OG aroma of pine and earthy, diesel. The effects of this strain begin with a tingling sensation in your face and behind your eyes, then settles down into you body, providing a happy, euphoric and relaxing high -- thanks to the top terpenes of caryophyllene, nerolidol and humulene. This strain is great for pain relief and a lazy "do nothing" type of day.
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