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Connected Cannabis - Connected - Blowin' Biscotti - 1g Preroll **
Connected - Blowin' Biscotti - 1g Preroll **
THC: 25.98%
CBD: 0.02%
1g pre-roll of our top-shelf indoor Biscotti (South Florida OG x Gelato 25) Our Biscotti is as dense as they come, when you grind this bud it will yield much more than you think! Coffee, chocolatey, earthy and plenty of sweetness. Winning 1st place in Amsterdam's Cannabis Cup in 2018, Biscotti is a superbly relaxing, melting away your anxiety and paranoia, and leaving you with a huge smile on your face. Strain Genetics: South Florida OG x Gelato 25 Flavors Earthy Coffee Sweet
1 gram
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