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Almora Farm - Almora - Tropicana Cookies - Live Resin Full Gram
Almora - Tropicana Cookies - Live Resin Full Gram
THC: 74.4%
CBD: 0.11%
From California's trusted cannabis flower brand comes Sun Live by Almora, a 100% Live Resin 1g cartridge. Always farmed in the sun and with love, Sun Live cannabis plants are flash-frozen at the perfect point of maturity to preserve the entire plant terpenoid, flavonoid and cannabinoid profile. The result is artfully crafted 100% Live Resin extract, never refined, for the best possible vaping experience. Tropicana Cookies hits like summer sunshine, the perfect antidote for sleepy mornings and days that seem to just drag on. This sativa-dominant hybrid packs a jolt of sour, citrusy, unmistakably orange flavor, and the effects are exactly what you’d expect from such a bright and sunny taste: Energy, creativity, and a happy desire to get things done, all with a relaxed and mellowed-out body. Strain Type: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid Taste Profile: Orange, Sour, Cookies Effect Profile: Creative, Energized, Thoughtful Lineage: Cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie
1 gram
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