Strawberry Daquiri

Cream of the Crop’s Strawberry Daiquiri is the masterpiece of mother, Strawberry Cough and father, Jack the Ripper. Both parents of this flower notably shine through the phenotypes produced; creating a fast vegetation, tremendously large and dense buds blanketed with glistening trichomes. This run of Strawberry Daiquiri is special as it grew from a sweet, little seedling into a thriving plant, as opposed to the cloning process. Leaning 70% sativa, this hybrid flower brings an exceptional mental and physical relief to those treating symptoms mild or severe. The aroma of fresh strawberries will capture your cerebral senses, while the skunky, pungent undertones will stimulate a slight somatic solace. Those who are prone to social anxieties choose Strawberry Daiquiri for its stress-relieving qualities without the common wave of paranoia among high THC strains. Uplifting and delightful, Strawberry Daiquiri is sure to please the cannoisseur palette just like a cool, refreshing drink on a warm summer day.

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