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Alien Labs - Alien Labs - Space Face - Eighth
Alien Labs - Space Face - Eighth
THC: 30.49%
CBD: 0.1%
Space Face is a indica dominant strain and derives from Dosi Face #2 which is said to be a crossing of Do-si-do and Face Off OG. Why We Love It: Sweet, earthy, and floral notes, with hints of pine and citrus followed by a relaxing and sedating effect on the body. The effects may carry a mild cerebral buzz and a slight boost in energy. However, the overall effects are generally more calming and relaxing, making it a popular choice for evening or nighttime use. Dosing And Potency: Space Face from Connected Cannabis Co. is packed into airtight containers and sealed for maximum freshness - perfect to keep your flower safely stored. Every jar is precisely measured to 3.5 grams, with the flower ready to grind and smoke using rolling papers, vaporizers, a pipe, or the bong of your choice. A Bit About The Brand: Connected Cannabis Co is a decade old, vertically integrated company for the cannasseurs of the weed industry. They take pride in cultivating high end, designer strains that lend an intense and distinct flavor, smells and colors unlike anything seen or smoked before. "
1/8 oz
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